We are your ultimate ecommerce team as a service

Cutting edge ecommerce tools from an award winning team

No matter if you are an established ecommerce business or just starting out we have a solution to make your life easier

We are a team of programming, sales, user experience, customer acquisition and growth hacking expert. We research and conduct experiment that may or may not seriously break the universe. Our applications are the outputs of these research which are helping thousands of ecommerce businesses to save time in operation, boost conversions and grow sales and revenue.

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We have a wide range of applications from conversion boosting countdown timer to immersive discount manager for Shopify stores. We offer 14 days free trail. Feel free to try out the apps and experience the difference.

We help thousands of stores everyday with their business

Powerful automation

Our apps are developed with powerful algorithms in backend and super easy to use dashboards

Effective as it is

Built with growth and simplicity in mind, our apps help stores generate millions of extra revenue per month

Ecommerce team as a service

Our apps comes with 24x7 customer support guarantee leaving no excuse for you to fail

Our apps have helped stores to improve their conversion rate upto 8% and doubled their revenue without driving extra traffic

Unlike many ecommerce company, we actually are research focused. From our years of experience of selling online, we build hypothesis, build the minimum viable experience, put it into real life usages, collect data to improve functionality before realising it for public usage. We consider ourselves a ecommerce research lab focused in finding automations and conversion improving technologies

All our apps comes with a free trial period. You don't have to pay anything to try out our apps. We strongly recommend to try out the apps and see the benefits first hand. Usually all the apps pays for itself and much more


  • "Looks good. Easy to set up. Had a glitch that kept it from working correctly, but the support is great! They fixed the issue in less than a day."
    Crazy For Handbags
  • "I had a tiny problem at the start but contacted the amazing customer service team and they sorted the problem out straight away , cant recommend this app any higher and amazing assistance from the team."
    Egrabber Store
  • "Probably the best count down timer plus inventory sold number. You can place the timer anywhere on your product page or just use the default location. You can set it on all products or just selected products. You can customize the background, size and alignment. I love this app."
    Cushy Cushy
  • "Exactly what I'm looking for, for per-product reviews with a countdown timer and stock / purchase counts. Had a bug with my store at first but support were very quick and friendly and resolved the problem within a day. Very happy!"
    Madelyn Aubrey
  • "Awesome app. Developers are quick to respond and implement suggestions. What i really like about this app is how it incorporates 6 key features into 1 app. These features look great, are easy to use and will greatly increase conversions and ROI. Well done Hektor!"
    Store Avenue
  • "Nice app and great support from the team."
    Bag Bag
  • "I looked for DAYS for this app! It's PERFECT! I wanted to give a huge discount ONLY to the people who signed up for my newsletter, not the whole world. This app is super EASY to use. You need Shopify's Discount app which is free, make your discount coupon, pop the discount code into Discount Direct and it pops out an URL that you can put ANYWHERE! In this case I pasted the URL into my Mailchimp welcome email. When my new subscriber clicks the Url it takes them to my Shopify store and the discount is automatically applied to their cart. No cut & paste! 14 days free trial, $4.95 a month for UNLIMITED discounts, that you can put ANYWHERE for an UNLIMITED amount of clicks. This is definitely a KEEPER. Thank you for making this simple app...it's BEAUTIFUL! Forever customer."
    Heirloom Seed Supply